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Who We Are

MOBEEZ is Australia’s first TEAM lunch catering platform that consolidates individual meal preferences across top restaurants, into a single order. Now, the lunch coordinator skips the runaround, the staff get what they want, and payment can be consolidated, subsidised, or split across the team.

What is MOBEEZ’s mission?

MOBEEZ’s mission is to find better ways for teams to eat, work, and thrive.

Who are MOBEEZ members?

MOBEEZ members are employees who either manage or work within Teams. These include but are not limited to, Executive Assistants, Office assistants, Administrative Assistants, Office Managers, Team Leaders, Project managers, Small businesses owners, Startups, Business Development Managers, Account Managers, Sales Executives, Educators, Architects, Health Professionals, Directors, Executives, and even divisions of large corporations.

What makes MOBEEZ so special?

We are helping to create a work culture where people feel connected to each other and to their work. There has been a macro shift towards a new way of work—one focused on a movement towards meaning. MOBEEZ is accelerating this movement.

Who are the MOBEEZ co-founders?

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Tracia Almeida

To her close friends, Tracia is known for pushing the boundaries.

At 3 years of age, she made headlines as the youngest marathon runner against 15 year-olds {image}.

In year 7, she asked her principal to call the Hersey’s chocolate company so that all the immigrant students could raise funds to pay for their school trips.

During her undergrad, Tracia carried out a Guerrilla site-specific installation that covered the university walls in 1000 giant red vinyl words. The act was classified as vandalism and she was asked to take it down. She fought to have the rule dropped allowing all students the freedom to use the space too.

Fifteen years later, one sticker stays untouched in the student centre and stands as a reminder to the students that walk the halls {image}.
She was awarded the University Graduation prize for her work in the Creative Arts.

She has completed multiple degrees in the Arts, Science, Technology, and Education.

She has spent the last 10 years in IT, implementing systems and re-designing processes for Australia’s number one Parking and Security company.

Today, she is responsible for designing innovative products and services at MOBEEZ. When she is not working, she tutors her niece in Human Biology.


Tracia’s Linkedin

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Creswell Casey

Creswell is a master problem-solver for high profile Australian companies.
In the past 30 years, he has owned and operated 3 technology companies.

His dad bought him his first computer at age 12. Within a week of owning his first computer, he wrote Pacman-style computer games and sold them for $25. He used the funds to buy himself a faster computer.

By age 20, he had written a Real Estate Trust Accounting system for Raine and Horne Commercial. Managing more than 10.000 residential, retail, hotel and commercial tenants.

He integrated Travel and Accommodation Systems into major airlines such as Qantas so that bookings could be automatically made and confirmed – based on the roster patterns of workers.

He partnered with RIEWA to bring technology products and services to their member agents in Western Australia.

He developed a national online ordering platform for Kresta Curtains and Blinds.

He Integrated and managed the voice & data systems for Lion Nathen breweries throughout Australia.

Most recently, he migrated a 17 year old legacy accounting system for Australia’s largest Parking provider to Microsoft AX Dynamics across 6 countries. Only 25% of ERP implementations of this size ever succeed.

Today, Creswell brings real-world knowledge and experience to head-up the team at MOBEEZ.

Creswell’s Linkedin

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Sep 2015 – Concept Research & Development
Jan 2016 – Round One Funding
Jun 2016 – Prototype Development
Mar 2017 – Product-Marketing Testing


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