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MOBEEZ is Australia’s first TEAM lunch catering platform that consolidates individual meal preferences across top restaurants, into a single order. Now, the organiser skips the runaround, attendees get what they want, and payment can be altogether or separately.


Our Menu consists of a curated list of menu items from multiple restaurants.

It aims to meet many dietary needs including Gluten free, Halal, Dairy Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Meat-lovers.

The menu includes both, Preset or Make Your Own options.

PAID by attendees

If you created an invite that’s PAID by attendees, then you do not pay on behalf of the team. However, you still place the group order.  You are also our point of contact for delivery.

If you receive an invite to a PAID office lunch event, the organiser is the initiator of the lunch invite and our point of contact to receive the food. But you are required to select and pay for your own meal.

FREE for Attendee

If you created a lunch invite that’s FREE for attendees, then you pay on behalf of the team.   You are our point of contact to receive the food.

If you receive an invite to a FREE office lunch event, the organiser paying on behalf of the team, and is our point of contact to receive the food. You are only required to submit your meal preference to the organiser.


A minimum of 4 meals is required to place an order.  Orders must be received by 3pm day prior.

Keep an eye out for the RSVP date on your lunch invite.

When you get your order in on time, our food partners have time to plan and prepare a fresh meal just for you.


When you invite your team to make a meal selection, MOBEEZ will send you a personalised email invite based on the information you have provided for you to forward to your team.


Like Uber, AirBnB, and Dropbox, we rely on Braintree to power our payments.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover.


When an order is successfully placed, you will receive an confirmation email instantly.

A confirmation email indicates that payment has been received in full and your order has been sent to the relevant food partner for planning and preparation.


The person who placed the order is what we call the ‘organiser’ of the lunch event.

The organiser will receive an sms notification when the food arrives.

Where possible, MOBEEZ will deliver your food to reception.

Where there are physical barriers to entry, our delivery specialist will hand over your order to the building concierge for pick-up.


You can change your meal preference, before an order is placed.

To change your meal preference, simply click  edit your meal preference, in your confirmation email you received after you submitted your meal preference.


To cancel a payment, please reply to the payment confirmation email that was sent you.

The email contains the reference information our team requires to locate your transaction.


Start typing your question into the Chat window located on the bottom right corner of your screen.  One of our dedicated Customer Care Representatives will be there to assist you.