How it works

You can choose meals for your team or invite them to choose.

Either way, your attendees get a lunch they love, individually packed and labelled for easy locating.

We organise the meals and deliver them straight to your office all at once.

Enjoy these great benefits!


Skip the list-making

Invite your attendees to choose their own meal. MOBEEZ keeps a track of who’s attending and their meal preferences for your review. 

Don’t pay extra

At MOBEEZ, dietary alternatives are the standard.  Attendees get what they want, without you having to paying extra.

One-stop shop

Looking for variety? Enjoy the best cuisines in your city at your meeting – not just those within walking distance.


Why not get rewarded for doing what you already do now? As a valued MOBEEZ customer, you receive a Flight Centre Travel Voucher to a destination of your choice. Simply pick a destination and start earning points instantly. For every meal selected by an attendee, MOBEEZ contributes $1 towards your dream destination.  It’s our way of saying thank you for organising lunch for the team! 


Track and edit your order via My Portal.  If you change your mind, request to cancel with a click of a button.  Get a listing of your transaction history and cost-centres in an instant.  Rate your experience so we do more of what you love, more often.

From the desk of Rebecca Grey, EA

What are the challenges you face when organsing lunch at your workplace?

Many moons ago we wouldn't have even asked dietary requirements, it would have just been a case of ordering the standard sandwiches, finger foods + a small platter of vegetarian options. But that doesn't cut it anymore.

What are the most time-consuming aspects of organising lunch?

Gathering RSVP's, finding out any special dietary requirements and then having a spare ten minutes in your day to sit down and actually place the order.

Does MOBEEZ solve these problems for you?

The idea of setting some parameters and allowing our guests to choose their order is fantastic.

All the answers to your favorite questions

Order by 3 pm day prior

Instant confirmation

24 hrs cancellation notice

Minimum 4 persons

24/7 Live Support