The most productive teams in the world are built on good friendships.
And we’re here to foster those friendships so your team can achieve more.


For the good of all.


Most of us consume more than 66% of our daily food intake at work. So we’ve decided to create nutrionally balanced lunch combos that give companies the option of serving their employees food that makes them feel good – for once!


The days of the solitary genius are over. Many of the inspiring innovations produced recently have been developed by teams of talented people. And we want to support those teams and foster those interactions in a way that makes people happy.


It is a well known fact that an inclusive workplace gives rise to happier, more productive employees. And this extends to lunch meetings as well. You see, we weren’t all brought up on ham and cheese. In fact, Australians much prefer food from around the world anyway. So we thought, if it makes you happy, why not have it?


The reciprocity rule says that when you give, help, invite, or provide a meaningful service to others, the recipients will feel obligated to repay you in some manner. This is especially helpful for firms that depend on team work. So how do you practice reciprocity? You start by giving.


Food waste is the unfortunate by-product of many corporate lunches. For years, caterers have forced us to buy large trays of food in bulk. But we think there’s a better way. That’s why we’ve designed shared lunch boxes that have all the hallmarks of a complete meal. Now, you only need ONE box.


We are well aware that packaging waste is a major issue. As part of our companies CSR strategy, we use bio-packaging made from renewable sources such as paper board, wood, and sugar-cane pulp. And we invite you to do the same.

Making it happen.